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Ok so My ma's got a 2015-16 27" imac i7 and 16 gig of ram not sure what gen at the moment as I'm not in front of it, but anyway. Her husband who's 80 basically uses it for shitty browser casino games, Porn and to chat other old ladies. Don't get me started on their relationship... bahhahahah. anyway he keeps getting fucking malware that infects all three browsers on it, usual culprits Chrome /Safari and Firefox. He only uses firefox but somehow the malware migrates into all of them. Well, every time it's something different I Have to fix the shit so I told her I'm done doing it anymore and he needs to pay for some AV software. Ok so my new Wintop is just over a month old and Mccaffee is throwing what seems like a good deal in my face. Mccaffee total protection for 10 devices for $38.99. Price seems good to me but if there's some promo code or something be sure to let me know. And if I set it up with autopay it says that VPN is included. So I'm wondering if the VPN is any good? Is the AV protection any good? I mean basically I'm just gonna ride on his coattails even though I know how to protect my computer by not doing dumb things but hey it'll be free to me so might as well and I can stop paying for my VPN when my "contract" is up if the McAfee is any good. So yeah I have to do something for him and if I get some free protection VPN out of the deal at least I'll get some compensation for all the technical support I do. I just had to "fix" his tv because the remote stopped working. I'll give you 3 guesses as to why it wasn't working..... He accidentally changed the source on it. TL:DR Does the Mcaffee VPN hide activity from ISP? Is it a good deal? Is it good protection for the stupid browser bugs any and all input is welcome. Or should I look into other AV options?
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Want to get a laptop for my dad for his birthday. $300-400 budget, Canada.

My dad has been wanting a new laptop since his stopped working a while ago. He'll mostly just be using it to check emails and play online poker.
Total budget and country of purchase: $300-400, Canada
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How important is weight and thinness to you? It'll mostly be sitting on his lap. The only place he might carry it is the kitchen to try a new recipe he finds online. Weight/thinness shouldn't really matter.
Which OS do you require? Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux. Would prefer Windows, but as long as he can play online poker and check emails, it probably shouldn't matter. I don't think I've ever used an OS other than Windows, so I'm not sure how different they all are.
Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A. No specific size in mind, but the bigger the better.
Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run. Some browser casino games with maybe the occasional browser golf game will probably be the most demanding thing he'll do.
Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)? Optical drive would be nice, but not necessary. Decent sized hdd/ssd with 8 gb ram would also be nice, but I'm not sure how much I can expect in that department with only $300-400.
Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion. I think I've covered everything. Ebay Canada is currently having some kind of "under $300" laptop sale. I looked at some of them, but other than OS, ram and hdd space, I don't really know what I'm looking at lol. I'd post a link, but I'm not sure if that's allowed.
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LUCKY bypasses the app store model entirely by running inside the player’s browser on their mobile or desktop device without requiring an app download or install - providing a significantly larger potential market for casino operators and licensees.

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Stokes's Bristol Nightclub incident in detail (From: The Comeback Summer by Geoff Lemon)

IF YOU’RE LOOKING for a place where misadventure could begin, you can’t go past Mbargo. The nightclub’s streetfront is painted a purple so bright you’ll see it in your dreams. Strings of giant sequins shimmer in the breeze. Its phonically inventive name is spelt in silver letters that climb its three-storey terrace facade. Inside are strips of burning neon, a few booths, floorboards so marinated in drink that they have an ingredients list. Bristol is a student city on England’s south coast crowded with music and nightlife and street art. This is Banksy’s home town, and the tourism board suggests in rather strong terms that ‘you would be a fool not to see his amazing work firsthand’. The same organisation describes Mbargo as ‘intimate’, which is fair for a place where you can catch an STI standing up. Students cram into its modest dimensions while people with names like DJ Klaud battle for billing with £1.50 drink deals over seven sloppy nights a week. To get a sense of the story about to come, consider that it’s the kind of place open until two o’clock on a Monday morning, and that at two o’clock on a Monday morning, Ben Stokes still thought it had closed too early.
The Ashes of 2017–18 had disciplinary bookends. It was after that series that Australia’s two leaders went off the rails in South Africa. It was a few weeks before that Ashes tour that England’s biggest star windmilled his way into his own disaster.
In the early hours of 25 September 2017, Stokes and teammate Alex Hales were barred from re-entering Mbargo after a night out on the piss. A Sunday thrashing of an abject West Indies in an ignored series at the fag-end of the season apparently required ample celebration. After arguing with the bouncer and hanging about at the door for a while, they wandered off to find a casino in the hope of more drinking. They’d barely made it around the corner before getting in the middle of a conflict between four locals. As is said on the internet, it escalated quickly.
The 26 September reporting was bloodless. Withholding names, police stated that a man ‘was arrested on suspicion of causing actual bodily harm’ while another went to hospital with facial injuries. England’s director of cricket Andrew Strauss separately confirmed that Stokes was the arrestee, adding that he had been released without charge and that Hales had gamely offered to ‘help police with their enquiries’. Administrators had a good chance of hiding behind that investigation, and the next day Stokes was named in the upcoming Ashes squad as expected. But that night the video emerged.
Bristol student Max Wilson had shot it on his phone, then offered it to The Sun. What he thought was playing hardball was actually lowball: his opening price of £3000 was snapped up by a tabloid that would have paid ten times that. The Sun went on to make a mint by syndicating the rights worldwide. From a window above the fray, the vision showed six men on the street below performing the muddled choreography of a melee. One was right at the centre of it. One was waving a bottle, one dipped in and out, one tried to calm it. Two others floated around the edges. The central figure was unmistakable: red hair burning even in the streetlight as he launched into a series of blows against two of the men, falling to grapple with them on the ground, then following both across the street, swinging punches the whole way. Hales trailed behind, repeatedly and impotently shouting ‘Stokes! Stop! Stokes! Enough!’ The ECB could fudge issues that existed only in thickets of legalese, but not those captured in moving colour. Stokes was stood down from the next West Indies match, then suspended indefinitely. It emerged that he had broken his hand during the fight, something he’d done twice before while punching objects in dressing rooms.
The response in Australia was fierce: Stokes was a thug, a lowlife, a selection that would disgrace England. It was not entirely coincidental that a ban for England’s best player would be handy for the Aussie team, but there was also a cultural split. In England, plenty of people still minimise pub fights as lads letting off steam. In Australia, heavy media coverage as a succession of young men were killed had inverted that tolerance. The discourse now saw any punch as potentially deadly and accordingly reckless. This was more poignant in a cricket context given that David Hookes, the dashing Test batsman and state coach, was killed in 2004 by a pub bouncer’s fist.
The PR situation was bad for Stokes as details emerged of the injuries to the men he’d hit, and that one was a young war veteran and father. Stokes wasn’t officially removed from the Ashes squad through October but stayed behind when his teammates left, hoping for police to dismiss the matter in time for a late dash to Australia. His annual contract was renewed on the due date in case that came to pass. Then 29 October brought a twist in the tale.
‘Ben Stokes praised by gay couple after defending them from homophobic thugs,’ ran the headline. Kai Barry and Billy O’Connell had emerged. Not entirely out of nowhere: while Stokes had made no public comment, this story in his defence had initially been leaked to TV host Piers Morgan after the fight, as soon as the video appeared. Police body-camera footage played in court would later show that Stokes had given the same story to the arresting officer on the night. But no-one knew the identities of the fifth and sixth men in the video, and police appeals had turned up nothing.
It was The Sun again with the breakthrough. Kai and Billy were perfect for a readership not keen on nuance. ‘We couldn’t believe it when we found out they were famous cricketers. I just thought Ben and Alex were quite hot, fit guys,’ said Kai, who was memorably described as a ‘former House of Fraser sales assistant’. The paper had the pair do a full photo shoot: layering the fake tan, showing off chest waxes, mixing Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton into a range of outfits. Their best shot had them standing back to back, heads turned to the camera, in a mirror-image Zoolander moment.
Suddenly The Sun was the England team’s best friend. ‘Their claims could lead to the all-rounder being cleared over the punch-up and freed to play in the First Test in Australia next month,’ it gushed, then gave a tasting platter of quotes: ‘We were so grateful to Ben for stepping in to help. He was a real hero.’ ‘If Ben hadn’t intervened it could have been a lot worse for us.’ ‘We could’ve been in real trouble. Ben was a real gentleman.’ Would it be known forever as Kai and Billy’s Ashes? No. While the Bristol boys provided spin for Stokes’ reputation they didn’t influence the police. With charges still pending there was little choice – not given Strauss had previously sacked Kevin Pietersen for being annoying. Stokes remained suspended through the Ashes and a one-day series in Australia, and lost the vice-captaincy. It was January 2018 before the Crown Prosecution Service laid a charge.
That charge surprisingly came in as affray, a crime that can carry prison time but is classified as ‘a breach of the peace as a result of disorderly conduct’. The men he had punched, Ryan Ali and Ryan Hale, faced the same count, charged as equal participants in a fight rather than Stokes being charged with assaulting them. Alex Hales was not charged, despite being seen in the video to aim several kicks when Ryan Ali was lying on the ground. Given the underwhelming standing of the offence, Stokes was cleared by the ECB to tour New Zealand, and kept playing until his trial in August 2018, which he missed a Test to attend. None of the three defendants would be convicted.
The reasoning behind the charges was never released and was attributed vaguely to ‘CPS lawyers’. The service gave the case to Alison Morgan, a prosecutor of a class known as Treasury Counsel who usually handle serious criminal matters. Morgan had a scheduling clash and never ended up court for the case, but in 2018 and 2019 she would go on to win damages and admissions of libel from The Daily Mail, The Times and The Daily Telegraph variously for incorrectly reporting that she had been responsible for the inadequate and inconsistent charging decisions.
Morgan’s successor on the case was Nicholas Corsellis QC, who on the first day of trial was permitted by the CPS to request two assault charges be added against Stokes. ‘Upon further review,’ claimed a CPS statement, ‘we considered that additional assault charges would also be appropriate.’ This was patent nonsense from the service that eight months earlier had chosen the lesser charge. Any lawyer knows that no judge will allow new charges once a trial has begun, because the defence hasn’t had time to prepare. But such a request could deflect criticism of the prosecution service by technically making the judge the one who disallows the charge.
Working through the story from the trial and the tape is complicated. You had a Ryan and a Ryan, a Hale and a Hales, a Billy and a Barry and a Ben. You had several versions of events as to who knew whom, who was drinking with whom, who had insulted whom and who had merely engaged in ‘banter’, a word that in modern Britain has to do an unconscionable amount of lifting. The reporting had constantly mixed up the Ryans as to who had which injury, who was in hospital, who had played which part in the fight, and whose mum had which stern words to say about it.
Let’s agree that from now Ryan Ali is Ryan One, the firefighter who ended up with a fractured eye socket and a cracked tooth. Ryan Two can be Ryan Hale, the soldier who scored concussion and facial lacerations. Mr Barry and Mr O’Connell are best known per The Sun as Kai and Billy. In scorecard parlance we’ll leave the cricketers as Stokes and Hales.
Amid the confusion, Stokes and his lawyers built his case in a straightforward way. The UK legal definition of affray is ‘if a person threatens or uses unlawful violence or force towards another person, which causes another person of reasonable firmness present at the scene to fear for their safety’. That means it doesn’t account for violence that harms a target, but violence that might frighten a theoretical bystander. The wiggle room for Stokes was with ‘unlawful’, because the charge excuses violence in defending oneself or others.
This interpretation hinged on the beginning of the video, where Ryan One waves a beer bottle about and takes a swing at Kai. The version from Stokes was that he was minding his own business walking down the street when he heard homophobic abuse. He intervened verbally and was threatened verbally by Ryan One – something that Ryan One denied but that couldn’t be proved or disproved. In fear for his safety Stokes had to nullify that threat by bashing Ryan One before it went the other way. He registered Ryan Two in his peripheral vision as another possible threat, and again had only one recourse.
Stokes also had to convince the jury to disregard testimony from Mbargo’s bouncer that he had been looking for a fight. A solid lump of a man, Andrew Cunningham had not enjoyed his patron’s attempts to get back into the club after the bouncer declined an offer of a bribe. ‘He got a bit verbally abusive towards myself. He mentioned my gold teeth and he said I looked like a cunt and I replied, “Thank you very much.” He just looked at me and told me my tattoos were shit and to look at my job.’ Cunningham described these words as coming in ‘a spiteful tone, quite an angry tone’, and said that Stokes still seemed angry as he walked away.
These were details the doorman had nothing to gain by inventing, but each of them Stokes denied. By his own accounting he had drunk a beer at the game and three pints at his hotel, then ‘potentially had some Jägerbombs’ along with half a dozen vodkas at the club. He insisted that after all of this he was not drunk.
If I may take a moment here to call upon the wisdom of experience – a person who cannot definitively say whether they have had any Jägerbombs has definitely had some Jägerbombs. A Jägerbomb is an experience that does not pass one by. Further to that, a person who says they have ‘potentially’ done something has definitely done that thing and doesn’t want to admit it. A person who has had between 15 and 24 standard drinks in one evening is shitfaced. A person who tries to bribe a bouncer £300 – three hundred quid! – to get into Mbargo – Mbargo! – is beyond shitfaced.
If Stokes admitted that he was drunk then the prosecution could say he was out of control. He claimed clear recall of assessing a threat, feeling fear and deciding to protect himself with force. He confidently denied details from the bouncer’s testimony, like using the word ‘cunt’ or mentioning gold teeth. Yet on other details he claimed a ‘significant memory blackout’. He didn’t remember the punch that saw Ryan One taken away by ambulance. He didn’t remember what the Ryans had said to Kai and Billy, only that those words were homophobic. With no head injury, as one of the few people who hadn’t been hit, he had supposedly suffered this memory loss despite being sober.
The version from Kai and Billy was compatible but vague: they had been walking along, they ‘heard … shouts’ of abuse from an unspecified source, then Stokes ‘stepped in’ and thus they avoided possible harm. They claimed to have been bought a drink by Stokes at Mbargo, although CCTV showed them meeting outside. The overall implication from both accounts was that the cricketers had been pals with Kai and Billy, while the Ryans as per The Sun’s headline were a roving band of thugs.
The reality though is that the Ryans were the ones hanging out with Kai and Billy at Mbargo. Police discussed CCTV from inside the club in questioning and at trial. On that footage the four Bristolians bought drinks for one another, danced together, and Kai was noted to have variously touched Ryan Two’s crotch and Ryan One’s buttock. Ryan One told police that all of this was taken lightheartedly and wasn’t a problem. Indeed, when the Ryans called it a night the other two left with them.
This much is clear from footage out the front of Mbargo, which shows Kai and Billy exit the club and start talking with a subdued Hales and a demonstrative Stokes, who are stuck outside. The vision was played in court to determine whether Stokes was antagonistic towards Kai and Billy, as he appears to impersonate them and to throw a lit cigarette their way. More interesting is that after a few minutes the Ryans emerge, and all six actors in the fight video briefly form a prequel in the one frame.
Ryan Two pats Billy on the chest in friendly fashion with his right hand before clapping him on the back with his left. He moves past and does the same to Kai before leaving the shot. Ryan One stops to speak to Kai. They lean in for a moment, talking, then Kai turns and they walk out of frame together. Billy hangs around for a few seconds at the door and then looks after them and races to catch up. Stokes and Hales remain outside the club to remonstrate further with the bouncers. Whatever discord develops around the corner is between four men who left amicably together minutes earlier.
There’s no way to know what caused that friction. If Ryan One did use homophobic slurs, he might have been drunkenly obnoxious for no reason. He might have had an insecure macho response to some extra flirtation. He might have thought unkindness was funny – ‘banter’ once again. Or he might have said something that was misunderstood, as both Ryans insisted in court that they had not used nor had the impulse to use any abusive language.
What clearly didn’t happen was an attack by bigots on random passers-by. This kind of crime is regular enough that an audience understands the horror of it, and this is what was evoked by the public accounts of Stokes, Billy and Kai. All we know is that there was some verbal dispute among the Bristol locals, and that Stokes came along behind them and put himself in the middle of it. Ryan One responded to the interference aggressively and away they went. There are plenty of reasons to look sideways at the idea that Stokes was a saviour. Foremost, neither Kai nor Billy was called upon as witnesses in court. You’d think it would be ideal to have Stokes’ story backed up by those who benefited from his selflessness. But his defence team had developed the impression that the pair had shown a changeable recall of events amid a hard-partying lifestyle, and would be dismantled by the prosecution on the stand.
That raises the question of whether The Sun coached their quotes for the 2017 interview. Despite missing court, Kai and Billy clearly enjoyed the attention. In 2018 after the trial they did a follow-up spread in the same paper about how poor Ben had been mistreated. They got a television spot on Good Morning Britain and glowed about his heroism. In 2019 The Sun wheeled them out once more to say that Stokes should get a knighthood. In 2017 they had ‘never watched cricket’ but by 2019 were supposedly volunteering sentences like, ‘He saved us, now he’s saved the Ashes.’ Whether they were paid for these appearances is not known, but the chance to be famous for a day can be lure enough.
If you find this cynical, consider that on the night in question, the Bristol boys were so deeply moved and thankful for Ben’s intervention that they left him to be arrested and never attempted to find out who he was. Seconds after the video ended, an off-duty policeman reached the scene. You might think that someone grateful to a saviour would speak on his behalf. Instead, said Kai, ‘it all got a bit scary so we walked off. It was too much for me and we went to Quigley’s takeaway for chicken burgers and cheesy chips.’ They didn’t give their hero a thought for over a month while police issued multiple appeals for witnesses.
As for Stokes, he told his arresting officer that ‘his friends’ had been attacked. After three minutes of chat outside a nightclub, these friends were so dear to him that he has never contacted them again: not after the newspaper piece, not after the verdict. He didn’t want to see how they were or thank them for their support. He didn’t mention them by name in his solicitor’s statement after the trial.
The Stokes defence rested on Ryan One’s bottle, which he had carried out of Mbargo to finish a beer, not to use in a Sharks versus Jets amateur production. But once he turned it over to hold it by the neck it became a weapon. Intent and interpretation can change the material nature of things. Part of Stokes’ justification in court was that the bottle implied that the two Ryans might have ‘other weapons’ hidden away. You can understand how a jury could decide that created doubt.
Not being convicted, though, doesn’t give the contents of the video a big green tick. It does not, as his lawyer claimed, vindicate Stokes. Looking in detail, Ryan One is belligerent but his movements telegraph a bluff. Hales is the person he’s gesturing at, but they’re several metres apart when Ryan One cocks his arm ostentatiously, showing off the bottle rather than bracing to swing. He skips forward but Hales skips back and Ryan One doesn’t follow. Kai stretches out an arm to impede Ryan One, who has a drunken stumble, nearly eats pavement, then staggers towards Kai and hits him in the back. That hand is still holding the bottle, but his strike is a side-arm cuff on a soft part of the body. It’s all pretty tame.
This is where Stokes gets involved. Having moved across to protect Hales, he now takes three large steps to run around Kai and booms his first punch at Ryan One. They fall to the ground and the bottle clinks away. Stokes gets to his feet to punch down at the fallen man, while Hales arrives to kick him ineffectively then runs off across the street for some unknown reason. Ice-cream van? Stokes is soon back in the grapple having his shirt pulled up to show off his Durham tan. Ryan Two steps in for the first time to pull Stokes away, prompting a couple more random punches at this new target, then Stokes trips backwards over Ryan One and sprawls in the street. Hales chooses this moment to return and aim some solid kicks at the head of the man on the ground. Nothing so far is a triumph of moral philosophy or the pugilistic arts. But if it all stopped here, perhaps you could say it was somewhere approaching fair. Ryan One has behaved like a turnip and it’s not an entirely unjust world that would give him a whack across the chops. The antagonists have disentangled, Stokes has some distance, it’s time to dust off and go home. Ryan Two steps forward for this purpose with his palm raised in conciliatory style and says, ‘Settle down, stop.’
So Stokes punches him.
It’s roughly his fifth punch overall, and he really winds up into this one. He misses so hard that he stumbles away into the shadows of the shop awnings along the road.
Hales starts shouting for him to stop. Ryan Two backs into the street, still holding his palm up. Stokes closes on him from about five metres away, six large steps, to where Ryan Two is standing on his own. Stokes pushes him a couple of times, as Ryan Two keeps trying to placate him and saying ‘Stop.’ Stokes throws his sixth punch, largely missing as his target ducks.
Ryan Two keeps pulling away and reversing, into the middle of the street now. Stokes follows him, grabbing his sleeve to drag him back. By this point Ryan One has found his feet and walked around behind his friend. Both of them are in the same line of sight for Stokes, and both are backing away. Stokes aims his seventh and his eighth punches, which Ryan Two tries to deflect, as Hales walks up behind Stokes to grab him.
Stokes yanks away from his friend and switches to Ryan One instead, taking seven paces to grab him before throwing his ninth punch of the night. He grabs again; Ryan One blocks that arm and pushes himself back away from Stokes. Ryan Two again intercedes, putting himself between the two with his palms up and his arm extended.
Stokes throws his tenth punch, a right-hander at the face of Ryan Two, then shoves him backwards. Ryan Two backs away once more, four paces. Stokes follows, steadies, lines up, then launches his strongest punch yet, his eleventh, a proper right hook from a solid base, one that cracks across the man’s head and gives him concussion. Ryan Two ends up flat on his back in the middle of the street, his hands still outstretched for a moment in useless protest until they twitch and drop to the blacktop.
Stokes isn’t done. He once more shoves away the restraining Hales and follows Ryan One, who keeps backing away saying, ‘Alright, alright, alright.’ Five more paces from Stokes before another blow at the man’s head. Kai and Billy are now standing over the poleaxed Ryan Two. The video ends, but seconds later Stokes will punch Ryan One hard enough to knock him out too, before off-duty cop Andrew Spure arrives on the scene to bring down the curtain. When the body-camera footage kicks in some minutes later, Stokes is in handcuffs but Ryan One is still laid out in the street. Ryan Two has regained consciousness, folded his shirt under his friend’s head and is asking police for an ambulance.
‘At this point, I felt vulnerable and frightened. I was concerned for myself and others.’ This was how Stokes described that sequence to the court. An elite athlete with years of gym work and training to snap a bat through the line of a ball with astounding power and precision, swinging fists as hard as he can at men with none of those advantages. Punching so hard that he breaks his hand, and repeatedly shoving away a friend so he can punch some more. Frightened and threatened by two targets shouting ‘Get back!’ and ‘Stop!’
The off-duty officer testified that Stokes ‘seemed to be the main aggressor or was progressing forward trying to get to’ Ryan One, who was ‘trying to back away or get away from the situation’. The student who filmed the video can be heard on the tape at one stage exclaiming ‘Fuck!’ and testified that it was because ‘I felt a little bit sorry about the lad that had been punched and it looked like he had his hands up’. That tallied with the prosecutor’s depiction of ‘a sustained episode of significant violence that left onlookers shocked at what was taking place’.
The defendant stuck to his strategy. ‘No, my sole focus was to protect myself.’ All up, in the 33 seconds of footage after he falls over, Stokes takes 35 steps forward to keep hitting two men who keep trying to get away. Not once is he hit back.
After the verdict, Stokes’ solicitor positioned him as the victim. It had been ‘an eleven-month ordeal for Ben … The jury’s decision fairly reflects the truth of what happened that night … He was minding his own business … It was only when others came under threat that Ben became physically engaged. The steps that he took were solely aimed at ensuring the safety of himself and the others present …’ The statement was impossibly self-righteous and self-absorbed.
If there was anyone to feel sorry for it was Ryan Hale, the second of our two Ryans. He’s the one who emerged from the club with a friendly arm around the shoulder for Kai and Billy. He’s the one who interposed himself to end the fight, then kept putting himself back in the firing line, trying to calm an intimidating stranger while dodging blows. For his show of restraint he got laid out regardless, concussed in the street, then was issued a criminal charge equal to that of the man who hit him, and described in national media as a violent bigot in an untested story to support that man’s defence.
Lawyers for Ryan Two made a more convincing post-trial statement, noting that Kai and Billy, ‘neither of whom were relied upon by the prosecution or the defence team for Mr Stokes, have taken the opportunity to speak with various media outlets about the alleged homophobic abuse that they received in the early hours of September 25. Mr Hale has passionately denied this allegation throughout the course of this case,’ it continued.
‘It is upsetting to Mr Hale that although he was acquitted, the accusation that he was the author of such abuse remains. Both Mr Hale and Mr Ali were knocked unconscious by Mr Stokes, and although Mr Stokes has been acquitted of an affray, Mr Hale struggles with the reasons why the Crown Prosecution Service did not treat him as a victim of an unlawful assault.’Good question. Avon and Somerset police were the investigating force, and they were frustrated by the decision. Ryan Two was filmed clearly not hurting anyone, but police were instructed by the CPS to proceed with a charge. Hales (the cricketer) was filmed fighting but ‘a decision was made at a senior level of the CPS’ not to proceed. Police expected Stokes to be charged with assault but the CPS declined. It doesn’t take a wild cynic to think that placing the same lukewarm charge on three men for vastly divergent behaviour might ensure that none would be convicted, even as the trial would maintain the pretence that a defendant of influential standing had not been given a free pass.
A couple of years down the line, the original interview with Kai and Billy has disappeared. All traces have been scrubbed from The Sun website, its social media history, and even from the Wayback Machine internet archive. Given its headline of ‘homophobic thugs’ and text that names Ryan Two but not Ryan One, the libel liability isn’t hard to spot. Later interviews with Kai and Billy take the passive voice – they ‘suffered homophobic slurs outside a Bristol nightclub’.
The article that was once claimed to exonerate brave Ben Stokes now links only to a missing content page, with a picture of a dropped ice-cream cone and the phrase ‘legal removal’ inserted into the web URL. In terms of consequences, Stokes missed one tour. When he resumed his career in January 2018, the Australians hadn’t yet ruined theirs. Their year-long bans looked much more stringent. But the Stokes case dragged on in other ways. With no criminal liability, the Australians confessed promptly enough for the sporting world to give them the full length of the lash. Their situation was ugly but there was closure. Stokes got stuck in legal stasis, unable to be fully backed or condemned. Instead his issue was always present, a browser full of open tabs that the ECB swore they would read any day now.
Through 2018 Stokes was back but he wasn’t back, in the sunglasses and finger-guns sense. In his return one-day series he nearly cost England a match with 39 from 73 balls in Wellington. His first Test hit was a duck as England got rolled in Auckland for 58. At Trent Bridge while Stokes was injured, England posted a world record 481 against Australia. With Stokes three weeks later at the same ground they made 268. He crawled to 50 from 103, the second-slowest any Englishman had reached that milestone in 20 years. That span covered Alastair Cook’s whole career. It was apologetic batting, acting out responsibility via the scorecard. Stokes was creeping back into the team like he’d been kicked out in a blazing row and was hoping to tip-toe to the sofa.
It was December 2018 before the ECB disciplinary committee ruled on him and Hales. In a ‘remarkable coincidence’, wrote Simon Heffer in The Telegraph, ‘the punishment both players faced in terms of bans from playing at international level was covered by the amount of games they had already missed when dropped by England’s selectors, in the furore that followed the incident’. The verdict compounded the omissions around the case by not addressing the violence at its heart. Nor did Stokes, apologising only ‘to my team-mates, coaches and support staff’, and then ‘to England supporters and to the public for bringing the game into disrepute’.
The implicit next step was to rebuild that reputation. It might have been easier had his court defence not meant that he wasn’t game to admit any fault at all. It might have been easier if he or his advisers had been willing to change tack once the trial was done. Imagine a world where Stokes had stood outside court and apologised for overreacting, for the injuries he’d caused, and for the time and energy he had sucked out of other people’s lives. That would have been a show of responsibility beyond a scorecard. When the time came around to assess forgiveness, it might have meant forgiveness was deserved.
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I got a Casino ad in my BL browser
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Block & Chain Casino coming soon! Invite friends, join leagues, invite only tables, tournaments and much much more. Game can be played in browser or on your mobile device! Enticed yet? And as always, revenue from the game is paid out to our masternode holders.

Block & Chain Casino coming soon! Invite friends, join leagues, invite only tables, tournaments and much much more. Game can be played in browser or on your mobile device! Enticed yet? And as always, revenue from the game is paid out to our masternode holders. submitted by Halo_Sarah to HaloPlatform [link] [comments]

Looking back on a year of Nano development - Presented by NanoLinks

I think this list speaks for itself. Thank you for this year Nano community and see you in 2021 for even more fun! We are only getting started 🚀

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[psa]Se avevate nanodefender\nanoadblocker sui vostri browser, disinstallatelo

edit4: lo metto in testa, grazie a tutti per gli award, non ho mai ricevuto tanti premi e ringraziamenti anche in privato
Scusate non so crosspostare. Il creatore dell'estensione (e di ublock origin) ha venduto nanodefender a "un gruppo di sviluppatori turchi", questa è stata la sua definizione. In pochissimo tempo gli utilizzatori dell'estensione si sono accorti che i dati venivano dirottati chissà dove. Nessuno ha capito chi siano questi sviluppatori e dopo varie discussioni su github e su reddit, lo sviluppatore originale ha consigliato di disinstallare l'estensione, ora bollata come "malware".

E tutto questo io lo devo scoprire da un subreddit sulla pirateria perchè nel mentre i siti di news di informatica nostrani sono diventati un blog di amazon.
Discussion: the sequel:
Looks like the Firefox fork maintainer will no longer update the fork anymore: issuecomment-707445124

edit1: a quanto pare se avete chrome aggiornato l'estensione verrà rimossa in automatico. Edge nonostante sia chromium non lo fa, quindi rimuovetela manualmente. Su firefox pare che nanodefender sia sviluppato da un altro gruppo di programmatori e sembra sicuro, per ora. Se escono altri aggiornamenti edito il post.

edit2: vedo sempre più richieste nel post riguardo adblock e derivati. Chiarisco alcuni punti:
-ublock origin è un altro blocker, sia l'estensione sia lo sviluppatore non hanno niente a che fare con adblock.
-adblock plus è stato uno dei primi adblocker e penso l'unico ad aver introdotto la whitelist "a monte", cioè lo sviluppatore permetteva che alcuni ads passassero il filtro, quelli ritenuti etici (non invasivi, poco appropriati come contenuti ecc).
-adblock è un altro blocker.
-nanodefender veniva usato come "maschera" per coprire gli adblocker in modo che i filtri antiadblocker dei siti non si attivassero, da solo non serviva a nulla, era un integrazione al classico ad blocker per combattere le nuove funzioni di alcuni siti per contrastare il blocco delle pubblicità.
In linea di massima sono tutti sicuri, bisogna sempre essere aggiornati su chi li compra e a chi passano in mano. Essendo spesso sviluppati da indipendenti o singoli programmatori, magari dopo anni decidono di vendere il codice a qualche azienda o a "gruppi di sviluppatori turchi" (cit) e bisogna capire cosa vanno a combinare dopo. Ad esempio possono dirigere il vostro traffico verso altri server, controllare le vostre abitudini su internet o interferire con altre estensioni, comportandosi in tutto e per tutto come malware. Potete trovare le varie info nei subreddit dedicati:
e il sub sul blocking degli ads generico
e controllare codici, news e wiki ufficiali tramite github come ad esempio quella di ublock origin

edit3: Volevo aggiungere alcune considerazioni personali sull'adblocking, visto che la discussione sta prendendo piede e potremmo aggiungere qualcosa in più. Partiamo col presupposto che ho sempre detestato la pubblicità, fin da ragazzino quando i miei programmi preferiti venivano interrotti da fesserie senza nessun interesse per me. Crescendo e iniziando a capire che la gente ha bisogno di soldi per mangiare, mi sono reso conto che la pubblicità sfamava molte persone.

Con il boom di internet c'è stata l'opportunità per molti di fare i soldi (ricordate quel ragazzino che aveva fatto una pagina di sole pubblicità e ci si era pagato il college?) e di conseguenza sono nati le app apposite per ripulire dal casino di cui molti abusavano. Con il diffondersi di queste app, c'è stato il tracollo, con gli sviluppatori di ads che hanno creato sempre nuovi metodi per aggirare questi blocchi e arrivare nel vostro cervello (ma qualcuno ha mai comprato qualcosa su suggerimento di una pubblicità? che io ricordi mai, da dove cavolo escono tutti questi soldi?). Mi ricordo il periodo delle parole in grasseto che se sfiorate col mouse aprivano un popup. Poi si è iniziato con video che partono da soli, quadratoni in mezzo agli articoli e ora alla totale corruzione, interi articoli basati su pubblicità. Quello che vorrei capire è fino a dove si potrà arrivare con questo schifo? Pubblicità cammuffate da news, clickbaiting, totali bugie (sconti? davvero? da quando esistono camelcamelcamel e keepa chi crede più agli sconti di amazon?) e forse, il culmine di tutto:
infezioni da ads!
esatto. Come seconda entrata aggiusto spesso pc e da anni non rimuovo virus, ormai rimuovo solo adware, pup e altro crapware che penetrano nei sistemi tramite browser, venendo completamente ignorati dagli antivirus (a parte alcuni che hanno un modulo apposito). A volte, tornando all'essere adulti, ho disattivato il blocker per fare guadagnare qualche soldo ai siti che visito giornalmente ma è davvero impossibile da mantenere e da quando gli ads sono diventati veicolo di infezioni, non ho più disattivato le protezioni e le ho abilitate anche su smartphone. I popup ormai attivano promozioni, servizi, notifiche, tracciamenti e altre cose non richieste (da qui pup, potentially unwanted program) che a lungo andare nel migliore dei casi vi rallentano del pc, nel peggiore arrivano a rubarvi dati importanti.
Insomma tutto questo per dire cosa? Per dire di tutelarvi: pihole a casa (blocco di ads direttamente dal router) e app apposite su smartphone come blockada o adguard o se avete il root il buon vecchio adaway. Ormai non è più una questione di fornire supporto ai vostri siti preferiti, è diventata una questione di sicurezza dei vostri computer e telefoni.

edit5: ehy ciao, leggevo in altri post questo
uBO has it's own anti-blocker defusing filters in its default lists. It's where most of the fixes against anti-blockers are made, many people wrongly attributed this to Nano Adblocker -- while it's just the filter lists maintainers investing their free time and doing all the work behind-the-scene and receiving too little credit for their work
direttamente dal creatore di ublock origin Gorhill. Praticamente ublock filtrava già gli anti adblocker tramite filtri pubblici. Quindi se per ora non trovate un rimpiazzo a nanodefender, probabilmente non ne avete nemmeno bisogno. Intanto vi aggiungo questa lista che ho trovato prima,
cliccate, andate su subscribe e verrà aggiunta in automatico al vostro ublock origin, aumentando la sua efficienza nel blocco degli anti-adblocker.
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I am 36 years old, make $66,900, live in Portland OR and work as a Data Coordinator.

Section Zero: Background
Hello all, happy hoildays! I stumbled upon this subreddit not long ago and have enjoyed the commentary and experiences everyone's shared. Wanted to add another perspective from a mid-30s first-gen American. I've had some missteps regarding careers and finances, but I feel like I'm in a slightly better place now. I tried YNAB in the past but I wasn't consistent enough with it. These days I use Mint to monitor my finances and have a "Finance Friday" each month to review all my accounts and spending. I currently live with my partner TJ and his dog RR. We do not combine finances, but he has been unemployed since March. I have helped him with some bills and basic necessities here and there until he finds his next job or career.
My current financial goals are to just maintain a status quo and not get any debt until pandemic times are over. Then I will focus on a house remodeling fund and savings for taking care of my parents.
Growing up, what kind of conversations did you have about money? Did your parent/guardian(s) educate you about finances? My parents taught us about money from a frugal perspective. They are immigrants who worked in food service/factories. There was always this “save save save” mentality. Even when they started their own small business, we saved like there was no tomorrow. In high school, my calculus teacher bought us all “The Millionaire Next Door” book and had us read it as an assignment - that was my first structured introduction to finances.
Did you worry about money growing up? No, there was always food on the table and a roof over our heads. I knew that our extended family would support us if needed.
Was there an expectation for you to attend higher education? Did you participate in any form of higher education? If yes, how did you pay for it? Yes. My dad didn’t finish the high school-equivalent in their country, while my mom did finish high school, but no college. My older and younger siblings took a different path in life after high school. I am the first and only in my family to graduate from college. My parents covered all tuition for my two bachelor degrees with the agreement that I support them fully during their retirement and send them gifts/extra money whenever I can. I feel very lucky and privileged that they were able to provide that education for me.
At what age did you become financially responsible for yourself and do you have a financial safety net? 24 when I went on a work holiday abroad. My family was always available to help when needed, but the experience abroad helped me stand on my own feet. As an adult, I also inherited that “save” mentality and put a lot of my earnings towards savings. I didn’t date until my 30s, lived frugally, didn’t go out to eat/hangout with people, shopped thrift stores, and had very few hobbies. I am starting to “live a little” now though.
Do you or have you ever received passive or inherited income? Aside from the tuition, my parents have helped with a down payment for my first house and living costs during periods of unemployment.

Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance
If the place I was working at offered a 401k, I would always contribute up to the company match. I started my IRA in my mid-20s and would try to contribute the yearly max. I've stopped that the past 2-3 years though. My Other Brokerage is some play money, but I got tired of staring it and switched to index funds. I haven't contributed anything to it in a few years.
Equity if you're a homeowner
Purchased my first home for $382,000 with 20% down, right before lockdown earlier this year. Perfect timing, right?? I plan to live here until my retirement. My parents contributed $15k while I used most of my savings for the rest.
Savings account balance: $3,073
Checking account balance: $7,800
Credit card debt: I charge everything on my credit card for the points, then pay it off each month using my checking account balance.
Student loan debt: Traditionally no student loan debt as mentioned in Section Zero.

Section Two: Income
Income Progression (listed as gross income with cost of living area):
High School
College and first “career” job
Mental health break
College (again) and second “career” job
Third “career” jobs

Main Job Monthly Take Home:
Monthly Net (paid bi-weekly): $2,758
Side Gig Monthly Take Home:
No side gigs at the moment, but I am thinking of signing up on and doing Excel/data entry projects to help pay the mortgage.
Other Income: TJ’s friend will be staying with us for a month in January, who will pay rent of $800 including utilities. Depending on how that goes, we may take on a roommate in the spare bedroom long-term.

Section Three: Expenses
Mortgage - when I bought the house, the plan was that I would charge TJ a portion of the mortgage costs as “rent”, but since his unemployment I am now covering it all myself.
Regular Monthly Payment: $1677.57
HOA: $30/year
Retirement contribution: Nothing additional than what's been mentioned.
Savings contribution: I used to do $50-100/month, but since COVID I’ve stopped contributing to my savings account.
Investment contribution: None at this time.
Debt payments: $100/month towards TJ's credit card balance of $2,307.
Donations: $10-20/month, usually towards Omaze or Planned Parenthood.
Cellphone: On my parents plan.
Gym membership: Pre-COVID I did Orangetheory for a year. I started to pick up free exercise equipment from Craigslist this year, so we have a small garage gym now and utilize YouTube exercise videos instead.
Pet expenses: $10/month. TJ has stockpiled some Costco canned dog food before unemployment, but once that runs out I will likely cover the costs. We also started to make homemade dog food to help supplement.
Car insurance: $460 every 6 months. Car is paid off.
Regular therapy: I will start in the new year. Not sure what the costs are yet, but I will use my HSA to pay.
Vitamins/Medications: $20/month
Groceries & household items: $75/month
Miscellaneous (eating out, house purchases, gifts, etc): $100/month

Section Four: Money Diary
6:30am Neighbor starts up their truck. We joke that it's our natural alarm clock. They idle for about 15 minutes before heading off. I go back to bed.
9am My real alarm goes off. I put the electric kettle on for some morning tea. While it's boiling, I do my morning routine: drink glass of water, take synthroid, use bathroom, brush teeth, quick shower. I then make tea - Jasmine Pearl English Breakfast with dark forest mix. I started ordering loose leaf tea in large amounts back in March instead of small bags or single serving packets. Seems more economical since I drink it daily. I let the dog out into the backyard so he can do his morning routine.
9:30am I go through my daily tasks for work. They entail checking processes and reports to make sure they ran successfully overnight. I then answer some emails and catch-up on Slack channels.
12pm Lunch is leftover roast chicken and quinoa from Saturday. I heat it up in the instant pot. Love that thing! Almost every meal of ours involves the instant pot. We hardly use the stovetop. We then walk the dog to the business park across from our neighborhood. There's a very short trail that runs along a drainage creek by the business park. It's quite muddy, but has a nice woodsy feeling. Over the summer, we saw sumac trees there as well. Free sumac spice!
1:30pm Department meeting on Zoom. Our director announces his resignation on the call. Everyone is shocked! Layoffs were announced for next year but this was not a part of it. I think it's a good move for him and he doesn't have to have this worry of layoffs over his head.
3pm I meet with an engineer from another team and talk about a data source they are in charge of. He helps me out in understanding it and we identify most of the fields that I need for a project I’m starting.
5:30pm I check in with my partner. He's been watching LinkedIn tutorials on internal recruiting, job coaching and general computeoffice skills. It's a career change that he wants to make - something where he can talk to and help people. He doesn't have a bachelor's, only an associates, and hopes these tutorials will get him a leg up in the job search. I sent him some entry level HR admin roles the other day and remind him to apply. I then heat up leftovers: homemade chana masala and rice. I add some butter and coconut milk to thin it out, so there's enough for both of us.
10:30pm I take some magnesium, vitamin D and Airborne. I say goodnight to the dog who sleeps in the office. Then I say goodnight to TJ. He sleeps in the spare bedroom on weeknights due to his snoring keeping me up. I'm a light sleeper while he is a pretty deep sleeper.
Daily total: $0
9am I check Reddit Secret Santa. My match seems like a really good person. Not sure what to get, but most likely will purchase something off their wishlist. I wish I was more creative with my gift giving.
11am Meeting with business stakeholder. She submitted a few changes to an existing data process about a month ago. I make the change while on the call and have her test. Success! Marking it off the todo list. I love when we can finish things directly on a call.
12:30pm I come out of my office to make lunch. I notice my partner is not home. I check my messages and see that he's stepped out to pick up a few things. I ask for celery, carrots, and kombucha. $17. I make a quick charcuterie board for lunch: Costco salami, cheese, homemade hummus and Triscuits. It's a simple, fast meal that’s always in our rotation.
2pm My partner is back and we take the dog out for a walk and quick round of disc golf at a nearby park. We mask up and play only a few holes. Disc golf is a pretty frugal activity, you only need 2-3 discs to get started. TJ remarks that my throws are getting better, but then again they weren't great to start with. We talk about Christmas/Birthday gifts on the way back home since he was born on New Years Day. He mentioned snowshoeing but asked to not spend that much. I'll do some research!
5pm I think about personal career projects. Should I put up a portfolio of projects somewhere? I decide to try and pull some Yelp data. There’s not a lot of data points that I was interested in. Regardless, I tinker with it for an hour. TJ asks if I'm hungry. I said not so much, but felt thirsty. Maybe some ginger soup tonight?
7:30pm Dinner is served - ginger carrot soup made in the instant pot. We eat some rice crackers with it. Lately I feel like we've been eating more vegetarian dinners. It definitely helps stretch our food budget. We end the evening by finishing Fargo season 3 on Hulu.
Daily total: $17
1:30am I'm woken up by the dog. He's been sneezing a lot and wheezes at random intervals. TJ doesn't have the money for a vet visit but I've offered to pay as long as he calls to make the appointment. I give the dog some coconut oil, rub his belly until he seems better and go back to bed.
7am Garbage day. We usually put it out the night before but I forgot. I get up to go, but TJ handles it. I think, at least. I'm too sleepy to pay attention and go back to bed.
9am I wake up and rinse some dishes that have piled up and put them into the dishwasher. We both grew up in households that had a home dishwasher, but forbade from using it. It was drilled into us that hand washing saves more water, unless you had a restaurant/industrial dishwasher. I think with modern home dishwashers, that's changed, so I wanted to try it out with our dishwasher and monitor the water bill. Don't have any dishwashing pods or powder, so I put some OxiClean in it.
12:30pm I overhear TJ on a call with a recruiting agency. It seems to be going well, lots of laughing. I heat up some taco lasagna that I freezer meal-prepped last month.
2pm Collaborate on a project at work with an engineer. My manager put me on this project since I was asking for an assignment on a more technical team. I'm learning tidbits here and there, but I don't feel like it's structured enough.
5pm I do an Orangetheory-At-Home workout and try to break a sweat. It's not the same as going to their studio.
6pm Charcuterie for dinner. Our fridge is full of store-bought and homemade pickles that go super well on a charcuterie board.
Daily total: $0
7am I wake up tired. The house has been feeling more cold, which woke me up a few times. We keep the temp at 72F during the day, at night around 68F since we thought the bedrooms keep the heat in pretty well. My mistake!
9am I do my usual morning routine and login to work. My team mostly spends the morning sending each other emojis.
11:30am Lunch today is mini quiche, frozen chicken and veggie entree, and hot dogs. Not the most cohesive meal, but it fills the belly.
12:30pm TJ heads out to his mailbox that's 30 minutes away. He is still waiting on his tax return and a 401k withdrawal. His taxes had to be filed by mail for some reason, then the IRS office shut down due to COVID. So he wanted to see if it arrived yet at the mailbox. He also takes the dog to the vet's urgent care on his way. They didn't have any regular openings available until the end of the year, and the dog seemed to be getting worse. I give TJ $40 to mail a gift package to a friend in France and also reiterate that I'll cover the vet bill when he gets it.
4:30pm I pay some bills, my favorite activity (not)! Sewer bill: $59.44 (billed every 2 months). Geico bill: $459.60 billed every 6 months. Then I follow up with my mortgage officer over email. I had sent her some documents for a refinance quote last week, but haven't heard back. Rates keep dropping, so I'm told, but what does that really mean? I do some research on realestate.
5pm TJ messages me and says he'll be back for dinner. I ask him to pick up some Popeyes via drive thru since we both don't feel like cooking today. Popeyes is currently our fancy “going out to eat” food. $24.17 for a 4pc dinner meal and a 2pc dinner meal.
Daily total: $583.21
8:30am Busy morning at work. My phone is buzzing with emails and Slack messages. I try to answer them while I make tea.
10am Zoom Department happy hour. We reminisce about our director and then play those Jackbox party games. Some of them are hard!
11am TJ asks if he can make me anything for lunch. He suggests savory oatmeal, quick and easy. I tell him that I really appreciate him making meals/doing chores/etc without me prompting. We've been having conversations about "house project management" and mental load because I did most of the chores or I had to continually remind/tell him to do it. I'm really happy to see us progress on this front. I decide to work through my lunch break so I can end the day early. I don't often do that, but I'm ready to get the weekend started.
2pm I check on TJ in the spare bedroom and ask if the dog has been fed yet, since he was nipping at my feet. I notice something off about TJ and ask how he is doing. TJ is depressed about his personal life, career, finances. He doesn't know what to do, spends half the day meditating and reflecting on past trauma. I've been prodding him to get a therapist but he is confused about his insurance. He makes an appointment with a primary care doctor first. I feed the dog some homemade dog-friendly beef stew.
4pm My mom swings by the house (but doesn't enter). She currently works at a school who distributes free USDA food boxes since March. There's often many boxes leftover that would go to waste, so she will grab a box for us. Onions, potatoes, beets, turnips, eggs, cheese, butter, frozen veggies and frozen chicken. She also brought her vintage pasta maker. I asked last week if she ever used it these days and her reply was “no, feel free to have it”. I love pasta and noodles and figure it would be great to make it ourselves as a frugal hobby.
8pm We catch up on Mandalorian and watch silly Youtube videos before heading off to bed.
Daily total: $0
9am I open up my web browser and look at Craigslist and NextDoor for free stuff. I've been scouring for free landscape rocks, pegboards, and wood for house projects. I had this grand ambition to redesign our backyard. It faces our neighbor and currently the fence is pretty low. They can see into our kitchen and bedroom and we can see them. But y'know, COVID and going from dual income house to single income means it all has to be put on hold. So I've been looking for free items in the meantime. Over the past months, I've gotten planter pots, plant cuttings, a raised bed, stepping stones, all from free listings. I don't see anything worthwhile so I go and make some tea.
11am I look at Amazon and make some purchases for Reddit Secret Santa. A foodie kit, DVD of their favorite movie, and some cute pens for their writing hobby. $54. I hope they like it!
12pm TJ heats up leftover stir-fry for lunch for us. I put on some Binging with Babish and we watch how to make pasta. We have a plan - TJ makes the pasta, I make the sauce. Perfect date night activity at home. We watch some more videos on pasta and noodles to educate ourselves.
4pm I start prepping veggies. Big batch of onions, canned tomatoes, ground beef and butter in the instant pot. Meanwhile, TJ works on the pasta by following Babish's instructions.
7pm We gorge on fresh made pasta and bolognese sauce. It's so good! We end up watching Fargo.
11pm Usually I'll be in bed by now, but it's a Saturday and not tired yet (probably because of all that pasta). We play some Kirby's Dream Course on the Switch.
Daily total: $54
10am Quick walk around the neighborhood with the dog. He's on a new routine now with the medicine he's taking. It seems to be helping his breathing issues.
11am The pasta maker and flour is still out since we didn't clean up yesterday. There's some old pie crust in the fridge so I roll it out with the pasta machine for mini quiches. (Sally's Baking Addiction blog is my go-to place for her all-butter crust and quiche recipes btw). TJ helps by mixing up the eggs.
3pm I play some Genshin Impact (GI) on my phone while TJ plays Starcraft in the office. I don't usually play gacha games, but the Zelda BotW-style of GI appealed to me. A gacha game is a game with randomized characteitem boxes that you use real-money to purchase a “pull” or to spin the wheel. I know the gacha parts of the game can be a real money sink if you get addicted to them, it’s almost like gambling. My main team is Fischl, Bennett, Barbara and Noelle. I level up to AR 22 and look up free-to-play tutorials for the game.
6pm There's some leftover pasta from yesterday, enough for both of us. I throw in some roasted beets to round out the meal. We watch more Fargo while eating. Almost done with Season 3!
10pm I find a tour operator who offers a small, socially-distant snowshoeing tour up on the mountain. I reserve for two people - this will be TJ's Christmas/birthday gift. $75. Off to bed for another workday.
Daily total: $75
Weekly Total: $689.79
Section Five: Reflections
Aside from the car insurance bill, this was a typical week for me, COVID or not. We make the majority of our meals at home and usually splurge on drive-thru/delivery once every other week. I may have overspent on the Secret Santa gift, but I don't often give gifts out to friends. It's not something our family does either. For TJ’s Christmas/birthday gift, we usually talk upfront about costs. I’ve gifted him fancy restaurant experiences the past 2 years, since we can share that experience, but obviously can’t do that now. Snowshoeing is a nice change of pace.
The conversations with TJ this week have given me thought on how to approach him differently about finances and working together in a relationship. I’m still unsure about the future financially, particularly as my parents near retirement age and that TJ has pulled out his 401k to pay his debts. I don't know if I can support both my parents and TJ together, so I am finding ways to upskill and/or side hustles without becoming a workaholic or bogged down by stress.
Writing this money diary was also the first time where I really paid attention to my past income and current income. I might be contributing too much into ESPP that could go towards the 401k or mortgage instead? I also seem to have been underpaid for what I did in past jobs, even in a LCOL area.
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Passing Geolocation

I only have my desktop that I use for gaming/work. It doesn’t have a WiFi adapter and from what I’ve tried, you can’t pass geolocation without WiFi.
Any solutions? My WiFi connection (if I bought an adapter) wouldn’t be great. Is there a way for me to turn WiFi on but still use my hardline connection?
Edit: I’m in PA, so there are some legal betting sites. I would be gambling there
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Ready to actually start making a lotta bit of money?

Alright autists, I know this is a casino but you don't place a field bet on the craps table without knowing how the game even works. There are rules to the options casino, too, and you better take 15 minutes to learn about them before the doors open back up Monday morning. If not for you, do it for your wife's boyfriend. It's time to be a big boy teenager and do your share of work around the RV.
Sure there are plenty of trading strategy posts on WSB, and you probably hurt your little thumbs scrolling to the comments section to rightfully-so call that poster a nerd: and he is. So why is this any better? Because it's actually legit, like, people who know what they are doing took time away from alpha male pounding some loser's wife to give you some scraps of knowledge. Don't mess this up. Watch one, watch them all, but these will teach you why you are losing all your money and maybe even give someone as autist as you the chance to unlock the mythical green mode on Robinhood.
The Options Industry Council
Video Library (most videos are less than 10 minutes, stop making excuses)
All Strategies
There is even a Strategy Quick Guide (PDF) - yes I know it's more than 5 pages, but even you autists can see it's one strategy a page and they use big font and pretty pictures.

tldr: These are legit resources to help you understand options and stop losing money, start with this one. HONK!
Positions: AAPL 11/20 $110/115c, AMD 11/6 $76.5/79.5
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Flash games at the end of this year????

So at the end of 2020 adobe flash officially ends and allegedly will leave any games using it unplayable and not supported by any browser.... recently clicked in my head that many of the games I play on various popular casinos require flash to be enabled in order to play. Does any know if this means all those games will be gone at the end of the year? What happened if 1 in particular has a 900k jackpot, does that have to hit before (similar to live casinos having to pay out progressives before machines are removed in the US I think atleast) or can they just roll the money over to something else or not pay it out at all?? So curious what this means for the games any info would be amazing if anyone knows some further info on this
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How porn stole 3 years, if not more, of my life. Please read this if you are struggling with porn adiction as bad as me.(X-post from r/NoFap)

I have been debating whether or not to post this, but I think I should. If only to help anyone who might be going down the same road I did.
I discovered myself at a very young age. Some of my earliest memories are of touching myself during nap time in kindergarten. I always would go "take a nap" or "control my dreams" at least once or twice a day. It wasn't until I started to hit puberty that I learned what I was doing was called masturbating and that if I looked at naked women it would feel even better. So I started to steal my dads Maxim magazines and any movie that said it had nudity in it. Then one day at school I said to someone I wanted to see charecters from cartoons I liked naked. He told me there was porn of that on a thing called the internet. I was only vaguely aware of what the internet was back then. My dad had a computer but I would only play games on it like Monsters Inc pinball and Hoyle Casino. But now that I knew you could get porn on it, I knew I had to have my own.
I begged my parents to give me a computer and a cable to connect with internet. They finally gave me a laptop computer around the time when a new thing called wi-fi was introduced. We got the house set up with wi-fi and I made my first web search. It was for pokemon xxx. I fell down the rabbit hole quick. I started looking for all kinds of porn and jerking off to it. It started to become an every day habit. Come home from school, jerk off to porn then move on with my day. Throughout all of this I was dealing with depression issues. Not necessarily caused by porn, there's a genetic history of depression on my moms side of the family, but it definitely added fuel to the fire. At around Jr high through high school I started having thoughts of suicide and even made a few attempts all the while I went deeper down the rabbit hole. My porn searches started to become more extreme. Hard-core bdsm, torture, vore, guro, s&m, and eventually it just wasn't taboo enough. I needed something illegal.
I started looking at child porn.
I never took any pictures my self. But eveytime CP was posted to 4chan, I would save it before it got deleted. I downloaded a tor browser and started searching the dark web for CP. Anything to get my fix. Whats worse is that I was even active on reddit at the time and was aware of the NoFap community. I just brushed it off as a bunch of weirdos. "Who would ever want to give up porn and masturbation?" I thought.
Skip ahead to when I was about 21. My computer broke. I took it to get fixed and then a few days later when I came home from work my dad was there waiting for me. He told me to get into the truck and then told me why. He said the people I took my computer to had found child porn on it. They had reported me to the police and we were on our way to see a lawyer. He asked me how bad was it. I didn't lie. I just said "its really bad."
I spent the next year under investigation out on bond. During that time I had no computer to look at porn on. But I had a 3DS that could. I was scared that if I looked at porn at home the police would find out. So I started looking at it on public wifi and jacking off in public bathrooms and at work. I ended up loosing my job because of this. We finally went to court and I pled guilty. The judge sentenced me to 10 years of adjudicated probation. That ment that if I could go 10 years without internet porn, the felony wouldn't be on my record.
I didn't last a week.
My probation officer asked me if I was struggling with probation. I said yeah I had slipped up and looked at porn a few times. The next day I was arrested and taken to jail. I spent a year in jail waiting to be sentenced. My lawyer said they wanted 10 years prison time but we eventually signed for 6 years. I spent 3 years in prison and the entire time I spent in there I thought about how I was going to get porn when I got out. While locked up I bought pictures of porn stars to jack off tO. I started trying to learn how to draw so I could make my own porn. I borrowed penthouse forum books that circulated around. I was put in a treatment program with other Sex Offenders (Side note: because I looked at porn instead of looking for a girlfriend, I had never had sex. Still haven't. So I'm a sex offender who has never had sex) and that's when the truth really sunk in.
I had an addiction.
By the time I was released on parole I was aware of my addiction and had tools to cope with it, but I wasn't ready to give it up yet. So I kept looking for porn with the intention to slowly ween my self off it. I bought porn dvds from an adult store where I live. I bought echi manga from bookstores. I ordered penthouse forum books from a catalog. Then it came time for my annual polygraph test. The previous year I took a sexual history polygraph. So I passed it. This one was a mantinence polygraph which ment they would ask me what I had been doing on parole. They asked if had looked at porn. I lied, said no, and failed the polygraph. I came clean to my PO and she said it was okay as long as I was trying to quit. I said I was and that was the truth. I threw away all my porn and continued to attend my SOTP meetings.
Let's skip ahead to more recently. One of the conditions of my parole was that I couldn't have a phone with a camera. So I did the impossible and found a shitty flip phone with out a camera. I had that thing for 3 years before it just wouldn't recognize the cellular network anymore. I asked my PO if I could just get a cheap smartphone instead. She agreed but she would check it every month for anything inappropriate. I got my very first smartphone ever and I checked if I could access all my old online accounts after 6 years of inactivity. I could only get access to one.
My reddit porn throwaway.
I tried to get on my old main account, but it had been so long. I couldn't remember the password. I couldn't even access the old email account associated with it cause it had been deactivated do to fraudulent activity. So I made a new email and a new reddit account. I synced the throwaway to my new email and started using it to look at porn. But on my new main account the first sub reddit I subscribed to was NoFap. The storys here helped me realize its time to let go. So I deleted the only remnant of my past online life.
I wish I could say that I'm "going 90 days strong WOOO" but I'm not. My longest streak has been 4 days no porn and only 3 days no masturbation. Right now my goal is just to make it 5 days with out looking.
To any one still reading this please don't let your addiction get as bad as mine. Seek help. Now.
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What makes a popular fast paced FPS? mythbusting with Krunker comparisons

So I learned about this game that has been pretty popular on twitch and has an esports scene that currently supports 1000$ weekly prize pools and averages like 900 - 5000 viewers on twitch depending if theres an event on, a respectable size community that dbt would be happy to have. The game is similar to DBT in that it's a very fast paced fps with cartoony graphics, and I think it's useful for busting some myths about why DBT still has a pretty small community.
Myth #1: cartoony graphics turn ppl off
Krunker's graphics are absolutely horrible. it's basically minecraft on a modded server. and yet zoomers love it.
Myth #2: advanced movement mechanics like strafe jumping alienate casual players
Krunker has a movement tech called slide hopping that started as a glitch. you have to spam crouch and jump with pretty exact timing to execute it and it takes some practice. It's also currently FPS dependent and you need more than 60 to really do it well. not only does this seem to not alienate their casual player base, it's highly coveted knowledge that a lot of streamers and youtubers share. one streamer said something like **"if counter strike is a tactics oriented FPS, then krunker is defined by movement"** that should make quake players cringe lol.theres lots of custom parkour maps available to practice too, just like DBT. Unlike DBT there is no slide hop cooldown and you can zoom all around the map. in some ways this makes it a faster game on vanilla settings. this fast paced movement became so popular that in the latest season they added wall jumping to make it even more challenging. compare to dbt nerfing dodge lol

Myth #3: putting experienced players and new players in the same games is a recipe for disaster
Krunker pubs are mix of all skill levels and it's mostly just accepted. often times one player will finish with 40/2 and the rest of the players will have under 20 kills. In fact there is a whole clan wars system in Krunker that is based on clans farming pubs for kills to score more points than one another. they also have a reward for getting 25 kills in a row with no deaths that is highly coveted.

Myth #4: ranked modes have to be the same as casual modes
Ranked modes in krunker are the standard 1v1 2v2, 3v3, etc but the casual modes are different. they have FFA, TDM, CTF, Point Capture, Confirmed Kill with coins, and so forth, there are tons of modes. but the one difference is that the casual modes are all in one votable playlist while the ranked modes are separated. you also join a match the moment you load into krunker.
Myth #5: a game has to be heavily marketed to have a successful community, and only has one chance to succeed at launch.
Krunker was once your average .io game without much of a community but became a cult sensation over time as the devs adapted to the community and supported it with features like a streamer partner program, referral links, community mods, cosmetic marketplace, user content contests, esports events, and so forth. theres still not much in the way of mainstream advertising but it manages to succeed enough that now its getting a steam release.

Some other things Krunker does that I think keep its playerbase strong:

Overall I think DBT and Krunker have a lot in common. I've seen several Krunker players trying DBT out on stream, someone even made a krunker mod with the pncr gun from dbt.
however, the community in krunker is so strong. while I was streaming krunker to try it out, I had new players coming into my chat offering to teach me and play 1v1, asking for follow for follow, sharing their referal link and trades and so forth. I rarely ever have this experience streaming DBT...
of course being in the browser and playable on very low spec machines is one advantage that krunker has that quake live also had once. but now krunker is preparing to launch on steam. I think a lot of their playerbase would be very into DBT as its a similar game with more advanced mechanics.
if anyone wants to be diplomatic and start a DBT clan in krunker hit me up lol
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DDoSTheGame - Free to play - fun to grow in a mmo Incremental Browser game! | Updated so there is casino!

DDoSTheGame - Free to play - fun to grow in a mmo Incremental Browser game! | Updated so there is casino! submitted by tno1 to incremental_games [link] [comments]

How HUT mirrors a casino and drives gambling addiction

I repost this every year to try to help those spending more than they would like on HUT and to educate newer players on this issue before it becomes a problem. A lot of people do the majority of their spending in the first month or two so it's good to talk about now pretty soon before the next iteration releases.
You can be a whale of a spender, free to play, or anything in between and that's fine as long as you're okay with it and it's not negatively affecting your life. Some people would rather rip packs to improve a team they'll use all year instead of blowing $30 on a night out at a bar or movie or whatever. The other side to that is that I've personally seen people spend over $10,000 in a single year on coin sales and over $800 on a single card. I've seem people sell cards for rent money. The important thing is to honestly assess where you're at, what you want, what this pack will actually get you, and what you're buying.
Here's what you can do to frame it correctly in your brain
  • Remove your stored credit card from your account. This will force you to type in the numbers if you decide you want a pack. This extra time gives your brain a minute to ponder the decision.
  • Better yet you can buy a PSN card BEFORE you start, which has the value you want to spend.
  • Best is probably buying coins, then buying packs with those. More bang for your buck and a clear stopping point.
  • Keep track of how much you spend as you go through the year. Make yourself write your new purchase on this sheet before you buy, and make yourself view the yearly total. $5 and here and $5 there add up over time but are individually easy to not notice.
  • All this content will be GONE in a year or less. On average, even if you sell coins, you're likely to get maybe 5-10% back depending on when you sell.
  • If you're having a hard time not getting excited about packs and browse from a full browser, hide pack pull flaired posts.
  • If you have a gambling problem, get help. 1-800-522-4700 is the number for the national gambling hotline in the US. Here are some Canadian resources. I've heard of people not making rent but buying packs, and I've heard people blow over $2,000 on packs. This shit can get real, fast.
I think it's important that people understand the realities before buying packs. It's like a raffle/lottery, sure you could win a fancy McDavid (or a smaller prize), but you're way more likely to get something that won't even help your team let alone fit on your team.
If you're determined to get that new player you get a much better return buying coins from a triple checked regular seller (/hutcoinsales). You have to be sure who you're talking to, and that they've been reliable for a very long time, but at least you're paying for more than unrealized hope. I'd say on average in my experience you get at least 3x the value buying coins than you receive on average buying packs. Coins are hard to buy at the beginning of the year though FYI.
Here's a good video about microtransactions and their history, if you feel like being angry today
Upvote it or don't, karma is not the point. Sticky it and downvote the shit out of it. Hope all is well with all of you! If something is outdated let me know, I haven't bought the game this year or for the past few years.
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Modern tips in 2020 to help you quit online gambling.

Some background - I am a recovering gambling addict from the UK, so some of the stuff I will write may be a bit UK specific, but the general theme will apply to most countries.
If there are similar alternatives in your country - comment them below - it could help others out a lot.
Everything I write about below is 100% free.
  1. A recent tool some bank apps in the UK have added is the ability to block all gambling deposits from your card. Turn this setting on. If you then try to disable it, it will take several days for it to actually kick in. This way, you can't just undo it when you get the urge to gamble. If your bank doesn't offer this, IT'S TIME TO CHANGE TO A BANK THAT DOES, AND THEN CLOSE YOUR CURRENT ONE. Banks I'm aware of which offer this are: Monzo, HSBC - I'm sure there's many others.
  2. GAMSTOP is a free gambling blocking service in the UK that when you register with it, betting companies operating in the UK must check with this service to see if you have registered a self-block. If the betting companies detect you have registered, they must not let you register with them/continue using their service. GAMSTOP can take upto 72 hrs to kick in once you have registered. Do it now.
  3. Permanently exclude yourself from any betting site you already have an account with. GAMSTOP should hopefully do this for you - but regardless, log in to any betting sites you are registered with and go to Responsible gambling > exclusion, and permanently exclude yourself. One thing I used to be concerned with about this was - if I have a pending withdrawal and I do this, what happens? The answer is - your withdrawal will still be processed, you do not need to worry. Do it, and never look back.

  1. Twitter allows you to mute certain words - so any post containing such words that would normally appear in your feed - will now become completely invisible. I had a lot of accounts I follow retweeting betting adverts or just talking about betting in general, and now I no longer see anything remotely like this. To do this, go to Settings > Content Preferences > Muted > Muted Words. I added words: bet, accumulator, casino, odds. Other social networks may offer similar features, but I only use twitter.
  2. Block betting email adverts from getting to your inbox. GMAIL allows you to filtecatch certain words from incoming emails - and if it picks a match up - those emails will be dumped straight into your spam folder. I cannot remember the last time I had a casino email arrive in my inbox since I set this up. To do this in GMAIL - Click the Gear icon in the top right, go to Filters and Blocked Addresses, Create new filter, then in 'Has the words' field - enter your words. E.g casino, bet etc.
  3. Get a free AD BLOCK tool. On my PC, I use google chrome for internet. I have the chrome extension ADBLOCK. This automatically blocks adverts on things like Google search, YouTube, Twitter etc. I barely see adverts at all anymore - and most importantly, any betting adverts. If you've never installed an extension before, don't worry, it literally takes a few seconds. If you use firefox or another browser, google ad block for x, there are alternatives for there too. For chrome:

I quit gambling a few years ago, and fell into this trap. I saw all the coins going up and up, and shoved a load of money into it. I didn't fully realise I was just straight up gambling at the time. I lost a fortune doing this. Do not let anyone rope you into this - all the stories are the same as regular gambling - you don't hear about the miserable stories, only the unlikely success stories. In the steps for muting/filtering above - I also added words related to this: 'trading', 'b*tcoin' etc.

Good luck! I'm 2 years clean now, here's to the next 2.
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New rules and requirements are in place!

This subreddit is now being moderated and this will no longer be a safe haven for the scammers and burner accounts that were previously overrunning it. As of now, the new rules are set in place to reduce the number of scammers that frequent this subreddit on a daily basis. Please see below for a rundown of the new rules, these can also be found listed in the sidebar (or in the app, tap about). This is a rule as of 12/1/2020.
Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions about the new rules! Thanks! :)
Also please check out Loans, borrow, PayPalRequest, VenmoMe, donate, Donation, and Assistance. Rules still applies.
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Minecraft Kostenlos Im Browser spielen - YouTube Auf die Schiene, fertig, los! 🚆 Railworld im Browser spielen 🚝 YouTube “Gaming Web Browser”… R U kidding me? - YouTube Casino Royale • You Know My Name • Chris Cornell - YouTube Dein Browser ist auf dem neuesten Stand - YouTube

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